Learn to Row courses

Learn to Row Courses 1 & 2

The main goal of the TopRow is to make rowing accessible to all. Rowing is a healthy and complete outdoor sport, which you can practice all year round. Team TopRow organizes Learn to Row courses, giving you the opportunity to take a look at the world of rowing and enjoy the beauty of our Haarlem waterways. TopRow offers rowing with professional coaching, without any obstacles like membership fees.

Learn to Row Course 1 & 2

Overview of the course:
• 4 person stable rowing boat
• 1 hour per class (Midweek, Evening or Weekend)
• Coaching and mentoring by our qualified coaches
• Fun parts such as side-by-side sprint races at the end of the course block

Each course is 8 weeks long. Learn to Row 2 program picks up where Learn to Row 1 left off. Deepen your rowing knowledge and skills during this eight-week course.

At the end of this course you will have a basic knowledge of:
• Rowing as a team
• The basics of rowing technique in practice
• Material awareness and handling our rowing boats
• Safety on the water

When you have finished both of the courses Learn to Row 1 & 2, you can start a new challenge to take the Learn to Scull course!

No rowing experience required

8 weeks

1 Weekly Training

TopRow Haarlem
Noord Schalkwijkerweg 101
2034 JA Haarlem
Map & Route Description

Months Courses:
March – December
Course Agenda 2022


The first lesson
Please note that participants, after changing in your rowing kit, need to report at the instructor 10 minutes before the start of the lesson. The instructor of Team TopRow will introduce you to the other participants for the relevant rowing course.

TopRow Haarlem is located at rowing club Amphitrite. There are changing rooms and showers available. Also lockers for your valuables. With the heart of Haarlem just around the corner, you can easily get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing rowing lesson.

The best clothing to wear is elastic, soft and breathable in combination with a simple pair of sports shoes. Loose trousers or T-shirts can get caught in the wheels under your rowing seat. Loose tops can remain hooked in the oars. Therefore, avoid voluminous coats or sweatshirts. Generally the advice is to dress up as if you were going to run; with tight pants and shirt/jacket. Additional tips:
• Water bottle
• Hats (against the sun or rain)

Frequently asked questions

What is a rowing course and how does it work?

At 6 times in the year, a rowing course of 8 weeks starts. You can sign up individually. We will schedule you together a team of up to 4 people. You can also compose a team of 4 people yourself.

I've never rowed before. For which rowing course can I register the best?

The Learn to Row course 1 for a team.

What happens if I complete the Learn to Row course 1?

You can then sign up for the follow-up course: The Learn to Row course 2. In the second course you learn to make some more speed, and

And after the Learn to Row course 2?

Then you can start with the Learn to Scull course. You will start in this rowing course with Sculling.

Where can I sign up for a rowing course?

On the homepage, as well as on the page of the relevant course.

When will I receive a confirmation of my registration in a team?

After completing and submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation in the mail that the form has been sent. In the week preceding the course you will receive an email with the day and time we have been able to schedule you. After that you will receive an email with the invoice for the rowing course.


Do lessons proceed in bad weather?

Yes! Rowing is an outdoor sport that has proceeds in all weather types. Also with rainy and windy conditions. If the weather is so bad that we cannot proceed outside, an alternative program will be organized.

Should I be able to swim?

In order to participate in all rowing activities at the Rowing center, you must be in possession of swimming diploma A (or similar).

Are there also rowing courses for juniors?

At this moment we dot have rowing courses for youngsters.

What is the refund policy?

When signing up for the rowing course you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Once you are scheduled for the course there is no refund of the amount possible. The withdrawal of the course is possible up to 2 weeks before the course starts. We will charge an amount of €25,- administration fees in that case.