Skiff Course Beginners

Basic Course Single Sculls

Skiff Course Beginners

Have you always wanted to go rowing on your own on the River Amstel? Then this beginner’s course is an ideal start. During 7 or 8 weeks you will be guided by an experienced coach once a week. You will learn all the skills of rowing in the Liteboat. This course is especially suitable for anyone who wants to go rowing for the first time in a Skiff.

Overview of the course:
• One person boat
• Duration = 7/8 weeks/start 4 times a year
• Rowing in boats of Liteboat
• Coaching and mentoring by our qualified coaches who accompany you on the water

At the end of this course you will have a basic knowledge of:
• Practical rowing technique
• Material awareness and handling our rowing boats
• Safety and navigation rules

Sculling experience required

8 weeks

1 Weekly Training

Berlagebrug Rowing Center
Weesperzijde 1094
1097 DS Amsterdam
Map & Route Description

Periods Courses:
Course Agenda 2019


Your first lesson
Please note that participants, after changing in your rowing kit, need to report at the desk next to the bar, where the head coach is waiting for you 5 minutes before the start of the lesson . The head coach of Team Berlagebrug will introduce you to your rowing coach and the other participants for the relevant course block.

The Berlagebrug Rowing Centre has excellent facilities. The changing rooms and showers are suited for both groups and individuals. Safes are available for all your valuables. After your lesson Team Berlagebrug will be waiting for you behind the bar to serve drinks and snacks on our uniquely situated, often sunny terrace at the waterfront. With the heart of Amsterdam just around the corner, you can easily get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing rowing lesson.

The best clothing to wear is elastic, soft and breathable in combination with a simple pair of sports shoes. Loose trousers or T-shirts can get caught in the wheels under your rowing seat. Loose tops can remain hooked in the oars. Therefore, avoid voluminous coats or sweatshirts. Generally the advice is to dress you up as if you were going to run; with tight pants and shirt/jacket. Additional tips:
• Water bottle
• Hats (against the sun or rain)
• String to your glasses
• Extra set of dry clothing

Frequently asked questions

What is Single Sculling exactly and how does it work?

Single sculling is rowing in a one person boat. You will have the course with a group, however everyone rows in his/her own boat. For beginners, a course will start 4 times a year.

I've never rowed before. Which course suits me best?

For the Learn to Row or single sculls beginners course.

What happens if I have completed the single sculls beginners course?

Following the beginner’s single sculls course, you can continue with the slightly advanced single sculls course.

Do lessons proceed in bad weather?

Yes! Rowing is an outdoor sport that has proceeds in all weather types. Also with rainy and windy conditions. If the weather is so bad that we cannot proceed outside, an alternative program will be organized.

I am going on holiday during the course, but want to row. Is that possible?

With the exception of the Learn to Row course 1, existing customers can book a separate extra lesson. You then call us on that day (morning from 8:30 am and evening from 4:30 pm) so the head coach can see if there is a place available in a team with the same level of experience. The price of a loose lesson is €21,-.

When will I receive a confirmation of my registration?

For all single sculls courses, when you have paid, you are also directly placed and can participate in the course. A newsletter with all practical information will be sent in advance.

Are there also rowing courses for juniors?

For children aged 10 to 14 years we have special youth rowing courses. You can read more about this under the heading ‘ Youth ‘. In addition we organize in the holidays ‘Splashweken’ for youth.

What is the policy on refunds?

When signing up for the rowing course you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Once you are scheduled for the course there is no refund of the amount possible. The withdrawal of the course is possible up to 2 weeks before the course starts. We will charge an amount of €25,- administration fees in that case.