Private session group

Special tours, private coaching, flexible hours

Private session group

Always wanted to have a tour through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam? Or improving the rowing technique of your crew? Sign up for a Private session with your team and we will make sure you and your team have a great time! Our team of professional coaches will accompany you on a tour through the canals or outside the city following the River Amstel. This is the best way to visit Amsterdam a different and more beautiful way.

Benefits Private session:

  • Intensive coaching and guidance on the water of rowing tank.
  • Personalized sessions that will fit your rowing experience and wishes.
  • We can schedule your session on the day and time of your preference.

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Ten minste 3 dagen vooraf

Roeicentrum Berlagebrug
Weesperzijde 1094
1097 DS Amsterdam
Kaart & Routebeschrijving

Gedurende het hele jaar

€65,- per uur (2 personen)
€80,- per uur (3/4 personen)